I created this T-Shirt graphic for a friend whose daughter has Autism. It was to show unity for the team she put together for the 2015 Autism Speaks Walk in Chicago. Based on her original sketch (last image), it was important to include some essential images into this rock-themed graphic: puzzle pieces, a heart, angel wings, and a microphone with the caption "Talk soft, but live loud." I created a hierarchy of text and image by adding the the puzzle pieces into the wings as well as the "C" and star to represent "Cora's Crusaders." I illustrated a banner at the bottom of the mic with a simplified caption for legibility and clear design. The heart element sits in the "R" of her name allowing for the rest of design to live within the wings. I designed a bonus poster for this rockin' little girl, so she knows she's the star. 
I created a poster as a bonus piece 
Client's Original Sketch
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